Shipping and return policies for Walls Of Eryx

Shipping Info
UK: Will be shipped next day 1st class post or expediated 24 hour delivery for larger orders.

None-EU ROW: It might take months to get to you but over the 25 years I've been doing this I've never had something fail to arrive completely.

EU: I'm so sorry. We are a small independent label who don't warrant being a VAT registered UK business. While we will try and ensure customs fees are correctly paid at our post office, EU customers may be charged additional fees on delivery. We didn't vote for the UK government that excluded us from Europe and we certainly didn't vote for any standing MEPs, so unfortunately even in this 'democracy' of ours we can't do anything about this.
Return Policy
If you want a refund that's cool - but do us a favour and drop off at your local record store, thrift store, charity shop.

Minor damage is gonna happen from time to time. We don't care if your jewel case cracked, you can buy them for pennies.

An LP snapped in half is a different matter all together. Provably damaged items will be replaced free of charge of course, or refunded.